Landfall games is a game studio focusing on Gameplay and community interaction above all else. With both small development cycles and team size, they focus all of their efforts into creating games that are both fun to play and fun to develop.

Fact sheet

Developer: Landfall Games

Based in: Stockholm, Sweden

Founded: 2015


Press contact:



Philip and Wilhelm started developing the studio's first game Air Brawl together in high school. The game showed promise and was nominated to Sweden Game Awards in 2014. Wilhelm decided to not go to college but instead live at home to complete the game. Roughly a year later Air Brawl hit Steam Early Access making it possible for Philip and later Petter to quit their other activities and join Wilhelm at Landfall. The trio then set out to develop Clustertruck with the help of Karl Flodin on sound and music. Clustertruck was released in September 2016 and was a huge hit for the young developers making it possible to expand the studio even further.


Clustertruck is a game about jumping on trucks. This idea came from the frustration of being stuck in a traffic jam and fantasizing about how much faster one would get home by jumping between the trucks. The game was first shown on imgur ( on the 12th of August 2015 and was later released in September 2016. With Christmas and Halloween updates. 

Clustertruck is well known for it's built in backdoor through the twitch integration that allows Landfall to take over the game during streams. Video of one takeover can be seen here


The game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) was conjured up during a week-long game jam in a castle. It quickly became apparent that physics-based fighting was amazing and it didn't take long before the rest of the world caught on. The game was quickly picked up by big youtubers such as PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye and many more. Despite many urges to go Early Access the team decided to take it's time to make TABS a full-fledged game and work hard stay away from the "youtube bait" association. Landfall released a pre-alpha together with pre-orders of Clustertruck with a follow up open alpha in November of 2016. The game has been in active development since December 2016 with a planned release for 2018. Landfall creates the game in close contact with the community by uploading development videos and trailers of new units and game mechanics to youtube.