• Will the game be on Linux?

    There are no current plans of making a Linux version of Stick Fight. 
  • Will the game be for PS4/Switch/Xbox?

    • Yes! We have ports for console on the way.

  • I am unable to join a game/I only get a circle with a cross when I join quick match.

    • The issue is most likely due to either your internet connection or your firewall or the person you're playing with's. Check up on your connection, disable your firewall and restart your computer and the game before you try to re-enter quick match.

    • Tip from Swarmed:

      "I had the same problem. When I verified the integrity of the game files it gave an error on one file which was downloaded again. After this quick match worked for me, so try it too!

      In your library in steam, right click on stick fight and press properties > local files > verify integrity of game files"

  • My stick dude/My friends stick dude doesn’t move!

    • This is also most likely to the firewall, please disable it and restart the game/steam.

  • Is it possible to buy a 4-pack of the game?

  • Yes! You can find it on our Humble Bundle store at:

  • Where can I get the game?

  • What are the controls of the game for keyboard?

    • WASD-keys for moving/jumping, right click to block, left click to punch or shoot and F for throwing weapons. Enter is chat. 

  • Will there be any updates to the game?

    • Yes! There will be some updates and bug fixes.

  • Will there be single player/AI?

    • There are no current plans for a single player mode in the game.

  • My controller spawns two stick dudes! 

    • Plug all the controllers in beforehand before starting the game, if you use a wireless one, connect it to your pc before starting the game.
      This isn't really a bug with the game, but with windows assigning all of them as the same controller (controller 1)
      After connecting them up and booting the game, press the A button in sequence (so not all at once) and it should work fine, if not, let us know!

  • I'm getting Steam not initialized when starting the game
    • Restart your computer and restart the game and steam as an administrator.