Fact sheet: 

Developer: Landfall Games

Development time: ~2 months

Price: $4.99

Press contact: pr@landfall.se



Square Brawl is a quick and skillful local multiplayer deathmatch game that will bring a new meaning to the word ”Party game”. Tons of weapons that enable crazy weapon combos giving the player varied matches and tons of replay value. Its simple controls yet hard to master skill ceiling makes it perfect for both casual and hardcore gamers. With up to 4 player supported this game is suitable for free for all mayhem action and even tactical 2v2 gameplay.

When we started development we had the idea that we wanted see if we could make an enjoyable and action packed game using only squares. Which is something I would like to say that we managed to do. We did however add two more sprite towards the end of development which where also basic shapes. 
Instead of beautiful pixel art we relied on image effects, screen shake and explosive particle effects to make the game stand out visually. 

Game features:

  • 12 unique weapons
  • 4 game modes
  • An awesome level editor
  • Bots to play against
  • 8 game modifiers