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Having trouble with TABS open alpha? Here are some known bugs and questions:

I haven't gotten the email! 

The email is most likely in your spam or promotions folder. In the unlikely event it isn't there please go to this link.

Where is the neon faction/other unit? Has there been an update since the open Alpha?

We most likely won't update the open Alpha. All updates are part of the closed Alpha and only available for a select few testers and press. Most of the new units, maps and levels will be available to everyone in the full game being released on Steam later this year. The neon faction will not be in the full game but we hope to release the old version to anyone who wants the faction. 

TABS is pink/purple/dark!

You most likely have to update your graphic drivers!

If you have windows, you may have to install the latest version of DirectX, more information about that here.

Do you have a full control list? 

Movement: wasd

Up, down: q, e, space, control

Slowmotion: left mouse click

Place units: left mouse click

Remove units: right mouse click

Back: escape

Show grid: control

Why doesn't TABS work on my phone/tablet/other device?

The open Alpha is only available for PC and Mac at the moment, we hope to release it on consoles and ios after the full release.

My game isn't working/is crashing!

Please send us your DxDiag as a text file, which resolution you are using for your monitor, crash log and how the bug occured to

And if all else fails: