Where do I get the the open alpha, closed alpha or the pre-alpha! 

Through this link.

Where can I see what you are working on?



When is the game getting released?

We don't have a release date yet and don’t do estimations but we hope to finish as soon as possible, the simple answer is that the game will come when it's totally ready.

Why did you remake the physics system?

The new animation system is far more sophisticated than the old one. One of the major reasons development has taken longer than expected is that the old system was extremely hard to work in. Any time we tried to change a unit another one would break, if we hadn't changed it, development would have taken forever.

Will the open/closed alpha be updated?

The alphas will not be updated.

How much will the game cost?

The game will cost between 15 and 20 USD.

How many and which factions will be in the game? And how many units are there?

We’re currently remaking the physics system and all of the units, we’ll let you know as soon as that work is done.

How long has TABS been in development?

The first version of TABS, the game jam version was made in July 2016 but TABS didn’t go into full-time development until around November of 2016 because we were working on our other game Clustertruck.

How do I get the units in the videos shown on youtube such as the wizard?

Some of the units we’ve shown on our youtube channel will be available in the full game, they’re not in any current public version of the game.

Why haven’t you uploaded videos in a while?

We were working on some boring background stuff for TABS that didn’t make for good videos and gifs.

Will the game have a workshop?

Yes there will be an unit creator where you can create your own units. 

What happened to the Neon faction for the full game?

The Neon faction was removed for the full game since it wasn’t good game-play and didn’t work as well with the other factions. We might revamp it for a future update after release.

What do you do with all of the suggestions for the game?

We read through all of the suggestions we get and some serve as inspirations for the game, usually with a twist such as having the firework dragon instead of a classic dragon.

Which platforms will be supported at release?

At release we’ll support PC and possibly Mac and Linux. A couple of months after the initial release we’re aiming to release the game for Xbox, PS4 and The Switch.

As for app versions of the game for mobile devices it depends on how well we can get it to run.

How can I support TABS development?

You can support us by getting our other games: Clustertruck, Square Brawl and Stick Fight.

Another way is to contribute to making the TABS community a friendly and welcoming place through suggestions and helping others!

Which engine is used for making TABS?

We’re working with Unity.