• Why are you making another game? Shouldn't you be working on TABS?

    We didn’t take much time away from TABS, we took two months to work on TABG because we wanted to bring you something while you wait for TABS. We knew that TABZ last year, and Supertruck the year before was very appreciated by our community and thought we’d keep up the tradition by making yet another game for you to play.

  • Why are you making a battle royale game?!

    TABG is an April Fools joke, we’ve done one every year since 2016. We've previously combined one of our games with another genre or game. The first year we made Supertruck, a mix between the game Superhot and Clustertruck. Last year we made TABZ which is a mix between TABS and DAY-Z. We spend an enormous amount of lunch breaks and nights playing battle royale games, this is an homage to a genre we love.

  • Why does the game cost money?? TABZ was free!

    The first 100 hours after the release will be free for all and that means free forever, if you get the game before the first 100 hours end you will NOT have to pay to keep it. The 4.99$ price after the first 100 hours goes to preserving the game such as server costs etc. The reason we could keep TABZ free is because it's a peer to peer game without server costs. We may go F2P in the future if there is enough support for it.

  • Will there be any updates to the game?

    We originally stated that we weren't going to update the game but we never anticipated this many players to play it. We are very adamant that we want to finish our other game TABS but we also see that people want TABG updated, here are some posts about what is in store for TABG: and

  • Is there going to be a mac/console version of the game?

No, we are unlikely to do a Mac version and we do not plan on doing a console port of TABG. 

  • Where can I get the game?


  • Control list?

Movement: WASD

Look: Mouse

Jump: Space

Jump from truck: F

Crouch: C or CTRL

Prone: Z

Shoot: LMB

Aim: RMB

Interact/pick up items: F

Switch weapons: 1,2,3

Throw: 4 

Reload: R

Holster: X

Gangsta Mode: G

Map: M

Inventory: TAB

Menu: Escape

Inverted mouse?

You can go into options and change the Y-sensitivity slider to a negative number.